- Insurance Remediation -

Has your home or business been damaged by a recent storm?
Do you have mold and/or water damage? What about a fire?

As a small, locally-operated company MacDonald Building & Remodeling understands the trauma that may be associated with these events. We care about each of our customers on a personal level and thus seek to complete every insurance remediation project as though it happened to our own homes.

Our Insurance Remediation Services

We have 30 years experience getting our customers back to normal after disaster occurs. Our goal is to get your structure back to running shape as quickly as possible – not just for aesthetic purposes, but to give you peace of mind as well. If necessary, we can install and construct added protections so that you decrease the chances of any further damage.

We can also assist you in dealing with the insurance company – including providing a thorough explanation of the claims process and working closely with the insurance representative to document damage to your home your business.

Our services include (but aren’t limited to):

Thick smoke engulfs a home foreshadowing the blazing destruction to come.

Fire Damage & Cleanup

Should your home or business suffer fire damage, our first step is to decide what materials are still salvageable in the home. From there, we can help to remove soot, smoke and in some cases water left in the building following the fire. Once the area has been properly cleaned and cleared, we’ll begin the restoration process to the highest quality standards we regularly employ.

Home Interior Water leaking damage for background

Water Damage & Removal

Heavy precipitation and flooding, cracked pipes, roof leaks and more are all potential reasons for water entering your home or business. If left unchecked, this can decay your building and potentially create a structure that is no longer safe. We can remove excess water and repair or replace any parts that suffered damage to ensure that your home is protected for the future.

Mold growing on molding in a house basement

Mold Damage & Testing

Mold has the potential to be incredibly dangerous – not only is it unattractive, but certain strains can impair air quality and create a life threatening situation when breathed in excessively, especially for young children and the elderly. When water damage occurs, we’ll ensure that your home is thorough checked for mold and if present it will be quickly removed.

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