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Want to make the most
of your outdoor space?

The perfect solution may be constructing a deck, porch or sun room onto your home. This can provide the perfect space for cooking, relaxing and enjoying the warm weather with friends and family.

Decks vs. Porches vs. Sun Rooms

All three provide great benefits: access to the outdoor space, value to the home, increased aesthetic appeal and more. But what’s the difference between the three exactly? And how do you find the option that works best for your home?



A deck is a flat, typically roofless platform that connects to your home. They are usually elevated from the ground and made from lumber, composite or perhaps natural stone and tile. They are also often enclosed with railings and may also include a canopy. A deck is a great option if you want an outdoor space with full sun. You may want to put potted plants there or deck chairs for soaking in the sun.


A porch is similar to a deck to the effect that it is adjoined to your home. The difference here is that a porch will have a covered shelter above it, and may be also enclosed with walls, columns or screens that extend from the main building. This is a great option for homeowners that love to enjoy the outdoors, but with added shade. It also provides added security from wind and debris if you want to install added columns or screens.


Sun Rooms

A sun room is an enclosed room that is intended to allow in as much sunlight as possible. Rooms are typically covered with floor to ceiling windows and perhaps even a glass roof. While sun rooms may be more costly to build than a deck, they provided significantly more protection from water, wind and sun. This is an ideal solution for those living in four-season climates that want access to the outdoors all year long.

Our Decks, Porches & Sun Rooms Services

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Including the layout, structure, materials, size, etc. We’ll work closely with you to design the perfect solution for your home.

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Our experts are happy to provide you with a full range of complete deck, porch and sunroom construction services.


Added Features

Opt for a number of extra permanent features including benches, columns, screens, hardscaping and more.



Whether you need a small repair or a complete replacement of a deck, porch or sun room, count on us to take care of it for you.

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