The Ins and Outs of Deck Construction


Adding a deck to a gorgeous yard really transforms it from just an outdoor space to an extension of the house. It can be a place to host barbecues, gaze at the garden and enjoy a cold drink on a hot night. A deck functions as a space for family and friends to experience the outdoors from a wooden flooring, without having to deal with muddy or dusty soil. This article covers the basic process of deck building.


Constructing a deck from scratch is a time-consuming, complicated affair. There are four main components to building a deck. The first is the footings, or the foundation, which is integral to deck building. It is important that this is sturdy enough to support the finished deck. Quality and correct sizing will keep the deck stable and balanced. The flooring should be made from sealed wood to keep out damage from the elements, especially moisture. Moisture can eat through wood, so the sealant is vital. When it comes to the baluster and railings, it is important to follow local safety codes on spacing and height. Railings make decks safer, and prevent potentially dangerous falls. When building the stairs, closing the riser is an important step that keeps feet from getting caught in that gap. Railings on the staircase are just as important as on the deck itself, and will increase safety for all visitors, especially seniors and children.


Despite its seductiveness as a home project, hiring a professional is usually the best course of action because of how difficult it is to build a full deck. For those without the proper skills, deck building can quickly become a money pit, not to mention an eyesore. Instead of letting an unfinished, unpolished deck take up space in your backyard, consult a company that builds decks. A professional can help you determine what kind of deck will best suit your house and backyard. The final product will be better constructed and more visually appealing.