Restoring Your Home From Water and Fire Damage


Recovering from water & fire damage in your home can be an overwhelming task that is almost always better left to the professionals. There are minor tasks that you can probably take care of on your own, but for the bigger jobs, an expert can successfully repair damage to your house and make it safe to live in again. Knowing what kinds of repairs and replacements will be needed can guide your choices in choosing a professional to help you.


In the case of a fire, smoke and soot cleanup will be an important step. This begins with sealing your house with tarps to prevent any further damage and to protect your home from the elements. Soot and smoke cleanup involves cleaning the visible damage and repairing the structure of your home so it is safe to live in. Fire damage restoration also involves taking steps to remove odors by cleaning the walls and carpets. Items in the home that are too damaged to use are carried away to make room for replacements.


Often, water & fire damage go hand in hand. After all, when the fire department comes, they spray a lot of water to put the fire out. The cleanup process involves removing standing pools of water using submersible pumps. Then, the areas are dried and sanitized. This is important because standing water can cause health problems. Once the area is cleaned and dried out, the experts can determine what needs to be removed and replaced and what can be repaired before your home is ready to live in again.


As you can see, cleaning up after water & fire damage is a big job and will typically take some time to complete. By hiring experts to do the work, you can be sure your home afterwards is clean, sanitary and structurally sound. Often, special training or equipment is needed to successfully complete these jobs, so it’s always a good idea to get help rather than trying to do it yourself.